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Fighting the (f)IR(e) : Bucket Brigade, Not More Matches

Hey, you in enterprise IT… having a pretty crappy week this week, huh?!  I get it, I’ve been there – multiple times – before. If it’s not because of this one thing, it’s because of this other thing. Why don’t we just turn on our heels, throw our hands up and walk out, never to…
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Life (and Tech) After Government

During my career, I’ve worked for or in the Federal government several times, nearly in every way you could – a contractor, as an FFRDC staff, and two tours as a Federal employee – and in as many agencies and branches of the government as well. This would total more than a decade if you…
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Iowa Democratic Primary

“Test-Driven Democracy” — A DevOps Analysis of the Iowa Democratic Caucus

Unless you’ve been living under a rock news-wise in the United States, this has been a very hefty week in American politics, topped off with an Impeachment vote that may, or may not, determine the future of the country in the modern era. However, what I’m going to talk about is possibly a little less…
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If I Can DevOps, So Can You – Part VII : “You can put nearly anything in a pot and call it soup…”

When trying to wrap my own head around what I was going to need to actually implement a basic automated deployment pipeline with the kind of tools I felt that would be representative of a basic setup, I found myself awash in tons of blogs, articles, product pitches and “expert” advice. It felt daunting.  However,…
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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

If I Can DevOps, So Can You – Part VI : “First service, the appetizer…”

By this point, your team is ready to deliver a wireframe, a mockup, a proof of concept (PoC) to see if what you want to do is even possible, in a feature incomplete way, can be done. In short, this is your “DevOps appetizer”. This can be formal, to seriously test the processes you have…
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Choppin Broccoli

If I Can DevOps, So Can You – Part V : “Choppin’ broccoli…”

Now you’re cooking. Prep the ingredients, have your water boiling, measured out the spices. Now you’ve got to assemble it all into one, two, three or more dishes to serve a complete meal, and time the delivery to the customer in the right order.  As an technology executive, you are leading your teams in laying…
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Not Food

If I Can DevOps, So Can You – Part IV : “But what if I don’t like what I’m cooking…”

Often the mark of a good chef is at least eating, or tasting the food before they send it out to be eaten. It takes but a few episodes of (or catching some of the memes) of Gordon Ramsay reaming out a chef for serving something inedible to realize that you know what you are…
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Professional Commercial Kitchen

If I Can DevOps, So Can You – Part III : “Do I have what I need in the kitchen…”

Congratulations, you decided to cook at home. Now do you have those skillsets required to achieve an edible meal? Don’t worry, even the worst cook will eventually get to a point where they can eat their creations. Mistakes are part of the learning process, and you, among many others will be making them along the…
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Food In The Road

If I Can DevOps, So Can You – Part II : “What do you want to eat…”

I think my first question was, when wanting to try this on my own is: “I really don’t have an idea what I want to do?”  Do I want to write a small app? Do I want to contribute to an open source project? Do I want to do something that helps me at home…
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Chef Martin Yan

If I Can DevOps, So Can You – Part I : “In The Beginning…”

This is the first of a series of blog posts (and other media), targeted to the kind of folks that typically aren’t rolling up their sleeves to do the day to day work of DevSecOps in their organizations, but are nevertheless asked to a lot of the other heavy lifting, such as developing strategy, leading…
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