A “Free” Beer Swilling Puppy – The Quandary of Open Source Software Security

This title comes from a few people I know, which brought up a great point about the support model for popular and, dare I say it, open-source projects of critical[…]


Fighting the (f)IR(e) : Bucket Brigade, Not More Matches

Hey, you in enterprise IT… having a pretty crappy week this week, huh?! I get it, I’ve been there – multiple times – before. If it’s not because of this one[…]

A Confederacy of Dunces

A Confederacy of Dunces — The Role of Education and Experiences in Cybersecurity

If there’s anything that will set the tone of this article is that I cringe and pause every time I have to write “cybersecurity” in a non-ironic way in anything.[…]


Life (and Tech) After Government

During my career, I’ve worked for or in the Federal government several times, nearly in every way you could – a contractor, as an FFRDC staff, and two tours as[…]

Iowa Democratic Primary

“Test-Driven Democracy” — A DevOps Analysis of the Iowa Democratic Caucus

Unless you’ve been living under a rock news-wise in the United States, this has been a very hefty week in American politics, topped off with an Impeachment vote that may,[…]

COVID-19 Virus

Love In the Time Of COVID-19 : Social Separation, Adaptive Technology And You

Much is to be said about the benefits and downfalls of technology in the age of a global pandemic and how individuals adapt to either the availability of it or[…]


If I Can DevOps, So Can You – Part VII : “You can put nearly anything in a pot and call it soup…”

When trying to wrap my own head around what I was going to need to actually implement a basic automated deployment pipeline with the kind of tools I felt that would be representative of a basic setup, I found myself awash in tons of blogs, articles, product pitches and “expert” advice. It felt daunting.  However,…
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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

If I Can DevOps, So Can You – Part VI : “First service, the appetizer…”

By this point, your team is ready to deliver a wireframe, a mockup, a proof of concept (PoC) to see if what you want to do is even possible, in a feature incomplete way, can be done. In short, this is your “DevOps appetizer”. This can be formal, to seriously test the processes you have…
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Choppin Broccoli

If I Can DevOps, So Can You – Part V : “Choppin’ broccoli…”

Now you’re cooking. Prep the ingredients, have your water boiling, measured out the spices. Now you’ve got to assemble it all into one, two, three or more dishes to serve a complete meal, and time the delivery to the customer in the right order.  As an technology executive, you are leading your teams in laying…
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Not Food

If I Can DevOps, So Can You – Part IV : “But what if I don’t like what I’m cooking…”

Often the mark of a good chef is at least eating, or tasting the food before they send it out to be eaten. It takes but a few episodes of (or catching some of the memes) of Gordon Ramsay reaming out a chef for serving something inedible to realize that you know what you are…
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