The Individual Contributor to Tech Executive, or There and Back Again

It’s common perceived expectation that you’re expected to move from an individual contributor on a team to eventually a senior leadership role, if given time an interest, but what works for somebody else may not work for you based on interests, changes in career demands, as well as life in general. Following a similar role, I’d like to impart how, like the Hobbit’s journey, explore, adventure and challenges will forge a life you can be proud of and be able to live to tell the tale.

Audience: This presentation is geared towards all levels of attendees, entry to senior-level professionals. It’s a discussion on the journey, a “lessons learned” but also novel perspectives given experiences in multiple roles and industries, both private and public sectors. Also, as an LGBTQ+ community member, I will offer a rather unique perspective on the challenge of career development and advancement within multiple “ceilings”.