Overcoming Inertia At Scale – Moving Government to DevSecOps

Imagine a boulder – you want to move it for its own good, but if you move it the wrong way, too fast, or forget that it’s supporting something somebody else counts on – that’s government technology.

After a decade in the Federal government, I’ve seen things you people couldn’t believe – but progress is being made moving that boulder correctly – but it’s not without its challenges. What could be considered easy in the private sector; with a pushes toward first to market, iterative innovation, and minimal viable products for their customers, the public sector maintains challenges of constrained budgets, talent pools and politics. This talk will cover some of how those challenges were “hacked” by a talented pool of people to move that boulder correctly, and some techniques for non-bureaucrats to get some of those more stubborn DevSecOps and IT transformation projects forward.

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