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Posted by netadmin at 12:28 pm

I’ve kinda realized that one of the largest blights on the Internet, which, oddly, was one of the reasons the Interweb was based on (new communications methods), is the rise of social media. I could spend all day listing networks and tools that folks choose to use to either broadcast or focus their message, frustrations, sales, news, or just plain thoughts. For me, it’s a love hate relationship (as it is for a few others I know). I’ve left various services multiple times for multiple reasons. The most recent was today, and the target of my angst is Facebook. It’s openness is one of the greatest strengths and biggest problems – the lack of true granularity of privacy, but still wanting to easily share information outward.

For me, I’m going to leave what I have right now for a while… sadly it hurts the capability of folks who I like to interact with from keeping in touch, but it also limits (quite severely) those who semi-anonymously voice their points of view on topics and thoughts. So I retreat to a blog, here, where I have control (to some extent) and can spend time and focus my message and refine how I want to present things.

Hopefully, I can use this break to refocus my life after a number of momentous things that have occurred in my life in the past 18 months or so, and get myself invigorated back on things that interested and supported me mentally and emotionally previously.

Maybe things will get better… maybe they won’t… but I’m setting the direction, I’m determining the velocity, and choosing which vehicle I want to travel in.